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Drums & Percussions

Drum lessons are possible from the age of 7 years old.

Tim Welkenhuysen - contact: 0499 19 76 18 –
Mathias Ghesquière - contact: 0472 51 57 00 –

Lessons can be followed in English, Dutch or French.

According to the Van Dale dictionary, a drummer is “someone who plays the drums”. This seems to overlook one important fact, that a drummer is first a musician. A correct description should be “a musician who plays the drums”. By shifting the attention towards the person behind the instrument, the instrument increases in value.

A drum set is not just a tool that can produce, and reproduce, rhythms after having read the user’s manual. The drums are, at the contrary, a communication medium that allows the drummer to express its rhythmic feelings, but also its melodic and harmonic feelings.

Drumming isn’t just beating the drums with a pair of sticks. It demands to the drummer to fully open up to his senses so as to have both the body and the mind directing together the infinite sound palette that his drum set can offer. Drumming is telling a story on a very versatile instrument. To play the drums is to interact with the other musicians, feeling each other, completing and bolstering each other. A good technique and control of the instrument are to be aimed at this ultimate goal.

A drum course at Class & Jazz teaches you how to communicate as “a musician who plays the drums”.