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Andries Baele (Leuven °1982)

Andries Baele teaches the violin at Class & Jazz since the very beginning. He also teaches, or taught, at the Music Academies in Diest, Mortsel, Herentals and Deurne, and at the Music Workshops in Leuven and Borgerhout, at the Childrens Choir ‘De Diesteltjes’ in Diest, and at the ‘Ter Bank’ school in Heverlee.


Master classes with Didier Lockwood (jazz violin)

First Year ‘Bachelor’ (jazz/pop) at the Gent Conservatory for Music
Jazz violin classes with Françoise Derissen

Training “Action Planning” at the KHL
Formation on autism
Jazz Courses at the Halewynstichting in Antwerpen with Maarten Weyler
Training at the professional centre for music teaching, the ‘Muzes’

‘Master’ in Music (option violin)
Teacher’s Training (ILO)
Thesis : ‘Tips for the electric or amplified violin’
First Prize for violin at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven
Violin courses with Wim De Moor and Otto Derolez
Final Piano Exam with Regine Willems (at level Superior 3)
Jazz courses with John Ruoco, Ben Sluis and Serge Lazarevitch

Becomes ‘Candidate’ for ‘Violin’ and for ‘Music Theory and Writing’ at the Lemmensinstituut
Violin courses with Nico Baltussen
First Prize in Harmony with Carl Van Eyndhoven
4 workshops for Chamber Music with ‘Oxalys’

Current Bands and Ensembles:

The RoseRoomSwing (Manouche - Gypsyswing)
Les Yeux Bleus Live (Folk - World - Balkan)
Someone Els (Pop & Jazz)
Frivole Stan & de Violeman (Classical - Jazz - Pop)

Former Bands and Ensembles:

JoBee Project (2011-2012)
Les Jazznophones (2009-2010)
Black Velvet (2006-2009)
Aram Trio (2002-2006)
Bob Boon Singers (2003-2005)

Freelance with, amongst others, Geert Waegeman, Bart Peeters, Ronny Mosuse, Takuya Taniguchi, Grete Moortgat, Jean-Bosco Safari, Zohra, Johny Voners, …

Composer for classical ensembles, jazz combo’s, Short Films, harmonies, fanfares and brass bands, choirs, …

CD: ‘Landmarks’, ‘All Along The Way’, ‘Pipi Langkous’, ‘Kattenkwaad’, ‘Tale Quale’, ‘Licht’, ‘Scala van de Vrede’, …