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Lotte Barnard (Bonheiden °1986)

Lotte grew up in a musical family. At age six, she started taking lessons at the music school of Bonheiden. A year later she chose (following the example from home) to learn the violin with J. Huybrechts. Three years later she continued her studies with F. Vos at the municipal conservatory in Mechelen.

Besides music, Lotte studied Educational Sciences at the University of Leuven. She now works as an assistant at the ‘Verwijzersplatform’, a small organization within the sector for assistance to disabled persons.

After obtaining her college degree, the craving for music struck again. In 2009, Lotte started training the cello at the conservatory in Mechelen with N. Stuyck, moved by the warm sounds of the cello.

Currently, Lotte combines this training with a place in the string ensemble attached to the conservatory. She also plays the cello in a folk group from Antwerp that alternates compositions with traditional folk melodies.

Lotte would now like to pass on her enthusiasm for the cello to others, teaching is a new challenge on her musical path!