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Kim Franck (Antwerpen °1993)

At the age of 7, Kim decides to stop the sport and take music lessons at the Merksem academy. A year later, she learned the piano. Nothing suggested then that it would become her great passion later.

She participated in the Music Live youth competition in 2010, and in the Imagine festival in 2011.

In 2014, she joined the big band of the Merksem academy, with which she played a lot in concert. She also regularly performs solo, notably in restaurants, museums, cultural centers, etc.

During her teacher training, she began to give private piano lessons. Today she teaches children in primary and secondary schools, but also in music schools as a piano teacher. She is affiliated with the new music school in Mortsel, the academy in Merksem, Metronome in Bruges and Class & Jazz in Kampenhout.

In addition to the piano, Kim also plays the flute.