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Sébastien Peeters (Charleroi °1994)

Drummer and vibraphone player, Sébastien started learning music at the age of 5. He trained in academy, following private lessons, then in artistic humanities in classical percussions and finally at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in jazz drums and jazz vibraphone.

After this extensive musical training, he turned to artist management and pursued a bachelor’s degree in marketing. At the same time, he founded Percussive productions asbl which dedicates part of its activities to artists from the Brussels region.

The three main projects with which he currently performs as a drummer, vibraphonist and percussionist are : The Great Meeting, Phorin and Vibes project.

Finally, since 2012, Sébastien dedicates part of his time to pedagogy and music education. He works, among others, for Arti’zik asbl (Braine L’Alleud) and the Jeunesses Musicales de Bruxelles.