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Balletschool Attitude

Class & Jazz loves people for real. We like to chat, smile and hug face to face. No virtual socializing for us.

CLASS & JAZZ Publications

Playing the piano with chords - Note reading for pianists (free download) (by Raphaël Van Goubergen). This book answers the most important questions that beginning pianists face. It consists of two parts: PLAYING PIANO WITH CHORDS - the “jazz school” - and NOTE READING FOR PIANISTS - the “classical school”.

PARENT SCALES and CHORD SCALES - revised edition 2021 (free download) (by Raphaël Van Goubergen) is, in the present supply in Jazz Harmony books, the most comprehensive book on ALL scales, chords and modes, and their origin: WHEN to use them, WHY to use them, HOW to use them, …

CLASS & JAZZ Productions

CLASS & JAZZ has started its own Indie record label in 2015. Proud to be “the smallest label on Earth”, CLASS & JAZZ released its first production on the 29th of March 2015:
MASALA – March of the Masalians

Piet Haven (vocals and bass), Andries Baele (vocals and violin),
Pieter Dedoncker (vocals and drums), Raph Van Goubergen (vocals and piano).

The CD can be heard on YouTube and ordered via

Next to the album March of the Masalians, a video clip was recorded of the 1st track of the CD. The clip Everlasting Love / Bop It On is available on Youtube.